"We operate in a fiercely competitive market where business conditions are currently off 25% to 30%. We can clearly point to Roebuck Consulting Group's 360° Profits™ program as a major reason our company remains profitable."
- Owner and President
Privately Held Ready Mixed Concrete Producer
360° Profits™ utilizes Roebuck's vast industry expertise to help companies improve profits and enhance enterprise value. Our comprehensive analysis of each business function results in the identification of quantifiable earnings improvement initiatives, from which our professionals assist company management in the seamless implementation of business best practices that improve earnings performance.


Roebuck's High Performance Leadership™ series helps organizations recruit, hire and retain superior team members. A disciplined process of setting measurable expectations and accounting for results enables organizations to sustain long-term success. The Roebuck Leadership Ladders™ program focuses every individual's energy on the areas of greatest organizational impact, emphasizing continuous improvement across all functional lines in pursuit of increased earnings.